Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The LVL comment everyone is talking about

It is public knowledge that Craig Dunwell shares information about Alpha with his aunt, Diane Hoffman, for the purpose of posting any data that may be harassing to residents.

A comment left on has everybody talking...

Hoffman and Dunwell despise countless Alpha residents and don't think laws apply to them, so they do what they want to who they choose.

Dunwell is known for using town information against residents, such as when he screamed at a man in a store: "When are you going to pay your water bill?!" in front of several shocked customers.

Hoffman constantly posts information that can only be obtained by purchasing background checks, using social security numbers which are thought to be shared by Craig Dunwell.

Diane Hoffman's Twitter account, closed for Terms of Service abuse - The account was created by Hoffman to attack an NJ vs Dunwell witness, whose husband ran for town council in 2012. The top tweet was the first of many expressing Hoffman's intent to begin purchasing background reports on Alpha residents. The account profile photo was copied from the resident's private Facebook account profile. Hoffman continues to publicly attack and harass the resident and her family online. Recently Hoffman purchased a background report on the resident's sister in law to obtain information about online user accounts. Hoffman created a user account for a private medical forum in order to copy forum posts and share them publicly.

Hoffman often claims that Alpha residents are "in foreclosure", so it seems that Craig Dunwell must be sharing property tax information with his aunt.

Alpha deserves better, vote against Craig Dunwell this November. Take back our town from Dunwell's tyranny and abuse!

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