Thursday, August 1, 2013

Councilman Dunwell's plans for Alpha are kept from taxpayers but shared with his out of state aunt

In 2012 Alpha councilman Craig Dunwell assisted his aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, in posting threats aimed at two households regarding their property lines.

On 9/19/12 Craig Dunwell's neighbors were made aware of blog posts tagged with their last names. The blog posts were written by Diane R. Hoffman (and Craig Dunwell) regarding their properties.

The residents who were targeted for harassment are direct neighbors to Craig Dunwell. Diane Hoffman stated that her nephew, Dunwell, could park his vehicles on their properties, claiming that their parking pad and front yard were public property.

Since moving to Alpha Craig Dunwell has left vehicles on those neighbors' properties many times. When Dunwell has been told to move his vehicles he lashes out against the property owners.

Police have assisted Dunwell's neighbors in order to have him move vehicles on countless occasions.

Below is a link to the Borough of Alpha's meeting agenda for Tuesday, May 28th, 2013, listed on

Residents who attended the meeting shared their concerns on in the comments section of the following news story:

On 5/30/13 an Alpha resident posted the following statement on Facebook:

A flyer was distributed to residents:
Attention Residents:
According to a conversation I had with our town's engineer on May 30th, 7th Avenue is going to be repaved from Vulcanite to Smith Alley (the cemetery). Curbs will be built and a sidewalk will be run on the west side of 7th from Vulcanite to Central, and then most likely from Central to the cemetery on the east side of the street.
This project has been in the planning and approval stages since 2012. Where is the transparency? Why hasn't Craig Dunwell informed residents of this project?
Sarah Peters of The Express Times had to call Craig Dunwell for details.
On May 28th The Express Times Reporter, Sarah Peters, made the following statement: 
"When I saw the ordinance for road improvements on the agenda before the meeting, I called councilman Craig Dunwell in his capacity as Director of Public Works to find out what the improvements would entail. That's where the information about the curbs and sidewalks came from. Those details weren't discussed during last night's meeting."
I asked a local official if there had been a public hearing for the repaving and sidewalk projects slated for the fall. I was told "If there was, I had no idea."
Please attend the Alpha council meeting on Tuesday, June 11th to question how these plans will affect your property. 
Craig Dunwell is up for re-election in November. Protect Alpha, vote against Craig Dunwell!

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