Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Councilman Craig Dunwell's unusual bullying tactics may lose votes for his re-election in November

Alpha's controversial councilman, Craig S. Dunwell, is up for re-election in November.

It is important to remember how often councilman Dunwell disrespects Alpha taxpayers and their desires for a transparent government.

Craig Dunwell is known to attend other NJ town council meetings where he has been heard saying that Alpha taxpayers are "stupid hillbillies" and "dumb rednecks".

Dunwell's constant attacks against anyone he dislikes may prove him to be incapable of representing Alpha's best interests.

Craig Dunwell was at the center of Alpha's police contract debacle, though he used former councilman Chris Pfefferle as his mouthpiece.

Craig Dunwell uses the assistance of others to get his way.

Craig Dunwell also seems to be involved in Mike Savary's embezzlement scandal.
When will Alpha taxpayers be told the truth about Savary's embezzlement scandal?

How many council persons were involved in fraud and embezzlement?

Recently Craig Dunwell hindered Alpha's ability to obtain a new fire truck which is needed to fight chemical fires in our Industrial Park. Currently fire fighters must use their own vehicles when responding to Alpha's fires.

Residents who post comments on news stories about our need for a fire truck are immediately attacked by councilman Craig Dunwell (using various handles, never under his own name) and his relatives, which is a form of censorship.

Dunwell is also believed to be involved in recent rumored threats that "anyone showing support for a new fire truck will cause council to vote against obtaining one".

Dunwell constantly relies on his relatives to cyber-stalk and lash out at taxpayers who publicly voice their opinions on Alpha's issues. Dunwell also directly threatens and attacks residents, officials and town employees, per those he has abused and witnesses to Dunwell's bullying.

Do not re-elect Craig S. Dunwell this November. He and his crooked council buddies have done enough damage to our small town and its residents.

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