Friday, August 30, 2013

8/29 - Craig Dunwell and his wife Lyudmyla Nazarenko insult Alpha residents

We received forwarded conversations shared by Alpha residents who were complaining about Craig Dunwell and his wife Lyudmyla Nazarenko "walking around Alpha, gossiping about residents & complaining about their yards." on the evening of 8/29/13.

One of the residents Craig Dunwell offended complains to a friend about Dunwell's lewd behavior.

Photos are taken of Craig Dunwell's yard.

A resident drove all around Craig Dunwell's home (owned by his mother, Joan Dunwell) last night and took a lot of photos of the disarray where Dunwell and Nazarenko reside.
Craig Dunwell attempts to kill his neighbors' privacy hedges several times each year. Dunwell plants trees, bushes and flowers right up against the damaged hedge row. Neighbors call Dunwell's garden The Jungle.
The unkempt Jungle garden, 7th Ave. view.
Damage done to Craig Dunwell's neighbors' privacy hedge - Dunwell cuts back and kills the hedge so he can watch children who his neighbor babysits. Residents have witnessed Dunwell telling adults and children "suck my dick" in Ukrainian. Dunwell also flips off neighbors and children.
Note the brown hedges - Damage from Craig Dunwell spraying weed killer on the hedge and cutting them.

The unkempt Jungle garden, alley view.
Do not re-elect Craig Dunwell this November - He is a lunatic and does not represent Alpha's best interests!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who will be sued for defamation and harassment of Alpha residents?

Alpha residents have endured 26 months of harassment from controversial councilman Craig Dunwell's relatives.

If the defamation and libelous activity doesn't end, members of the community will take a stand against Dunwell's family's bullying.

Stay tuned...